Frequently Asked Questions

The following information is provided to answer many commonly asked questions about the Brea Education Foundation.

What is the Brea Education Foundation?

The Foundation Mission Statement states:

The Brea Education Foundation was established to support the mission of the Brea Olinda Unified School District. The Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to raising funds and developing resources to provide students the tools and materials needed in order to maintain and advance educational opportunities for a new generation of learners.

The Foundation was incorporated in 1982 and raised minimal funds for several years until it went dormant. Due to the current status of state funding for schools, the Foundation was reactivated to develop resources for instructional materials and infrastructure that support an academically strong school district, but for which there are no dedicated, ongoing funding streams.

How will the Foundation raise money?

The Foundation will seek financial commitments from businesses, philanthropic institutions, government sources, community members and parents. Additionally, to secure the resources necessary to achieve its mission, the Foundation will seek partnerships with corporations and organizations that can benefit the educational objectives of the district and students of Brea.

How will the Foundation spend the money it raises?

The Foundation will work with the school district and board of trustees to develop fundraising initiatives that respond to district-wide infrastructure needs for which there are no ongoing income streams. Currently, these needs are focused on technology but may also include the arts and sciences or any other area of need that the district identifies and the Foundation feels will benefit the students of Brea.

Often, large donations or grants are tied to a specific purpose or use. The Foundation may not have discretion in how these funds are applied. However, the use of funds for a specific purpose may free up funds in the district that can be applied to high need areas.

Why is technology a major initiative of the Foundation?

Digital technology is changing how we live our lives. It impacts our homes, business and higher education. Technology is the key to personalized learning and brings resources and tools from across the world to our local schools. It is vital that our schools provide Brea students with the equipment and materials to embrace this revolution. However, budget constraints have put our schools below the state and county average for technology as reported by EdSource (www.ed-

Will Foundation monies go toward staff salaries?

The Foundation is committed to supporting programs and initiatives that will have long-term impact on the education of all students in Brea. Because of the uncertainty in year to year fundraising, it would be imprudent to promise funds for projects specifically tied to ongoing salaries. The Foundation’s focus will be on projects that benefit the largest number of students district-wide providing instructional materials and one time purchases o equipment for long term benefit.

Will Foundation-raised monies replace the need for PTA, PTO or booster fundraising?

It is not the intent of the Foundation to replace the funds raised by the parent organizations at each school. The Foundation recognizes the significant contributions parent groups make to their campuses and does not intend to compete for those monies. The Foundation will concentrate on establishing partnerships with corporations and organizations to provide funds and in-kind donations of district-wide benefit.

Are donations to the Foundation tax-deductible?

Yes. The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.

Who is the Brea Education Foundation?

The Foundation is a collaboration of parents, neighbors, business leaders, and concerned community members. The Foundation is served by a five-member board of directors. The board of directors will be assisted by an Advisory Board of influential leaders in the fields of philanthropy, education, technology and non-profit organizations. The Advisory Board will provide guidance on fundraising strategies, resources and contacts. In addition, the Board of Directors will develop an Associates Board of community members to help with local fundraising efforts.

Foundation fundraising will be independently audited annually.

Does the Foundation participate in district decisions?

The District is the sole decision-maker on matters of programs and curriculum.

Can't I do more by contributing to an individual school?

By pooling resources, the Foundation can finance high-impact programs available to every student that smaller gifts might not be able to provide. A constant high level of proven funding allows programs to be planned and built over a series of years. In this way, every child benefits, and the integrity of the overall educational program and the district is maintained.

How does Brea Olinda compare to other California districts in available resources?

Brea Olinda trails the statewide average in expenditure per pupil as indicated by 2002-2003 data from EdSource ( The following compares expenditure per pupil at similar sized districts in California.

Brea Olinda ranks 13th and 15th out of 27 Orange County districts in expenditure per pupil and average class size respectively.